Committees & More

Whether you choose to get involved to gain exposure, build your competencies, gain leadership experience or give back to the profession, you’ll find a meaningful way to participate in the NASTT community.

Why Get Involved in the WESTT Chapter?

  • Build a power network of trenchless professionals in your area.
  • Find local business resources.
  • Learn about projects and solutions near you.
  • Grow your expertise at regular meetings with your peers.
  • Become a recognized leader on behalf of the Western Region trenchless community.

Hands-on Volunteer Opportunities to Advance Your Career

  • Present your technical paper at local seminars and conferences.
  • Write articles for WESTT Publications.
  • Serve on a committee or the chapter board.
  • Be a mentor to students.
  • Help get the word out on local projects and trenchless news.
  • Host Student field trips to Trenchless construction sites. 
  • Guest lecture Students at a Student Chapter.

NASTT’s WESTT Student Chapters

NASTT student resources engage students in trenchless technology to help them start their career empowered by professional networks, education and knowledge, research, volunteer experience, and NASTT awards and scholarships.


The WESTT Chapter committees provide a wide range of opportunities for both elected board members and the wider WESTT membership to actively participate in our regional trenchless community. We are continuously seeking volunteers willing to help in a variety of positions, ranging in time and commitment.

  • Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of the Officers and the Immediate Past Chair of WESTT’s elected Board and is empowered to act on behalf of the Board between regular Board Meetings. Executive Committee Chair – Kate Wallin
  • Budgeting Committee. The Budgeting Committee, led by the WESTT Chapter Treasurer, evaluates chapter financials and provides guidance regarding chapter expenditures. Budgeting Committee Chair – Tim Taylor
  • Nominations and Elections Committee. This committee coordinates with the larger NASTT organization to run the nomination and election process for the Board of Directors. Committee responsibilities include encouraging nominations from within the WESTT membership; collecting names, headshots, and bios from nominees; tabulating election data and present to board for approval; and updating the Board Member Handbook each year. Nominations and Elections Committee Chair – Devin Nakayama
  • Conference Committee. WESTT typically holds regional No-Dig Trenchless Conferences each fall, to allow our membership to network and hear a variety of papers discussing regional trenchless projects and trenchless technology advancements. Committee members are needed for developing the technical program, finding exhibitors and sponsors, finding and securing conference locations, developing conference details, and managing outreach and registration. Due to COVID-19, an in-person 2020 WESTT Region No-Dig Conference has been replaced with a free webinar series throughout late 2020 and early 2021. We are seeking additional help with our conference committee this year to help make these events successful. Organization help is needed for preparing the technical program, including: finding high-quality papers and dynamic presenters, seeking potential sponsors, and assisting with PowerPoint presentations and introductions. Conference Committee Chair – Michelle Beason
  • Media Committee. The Media Committee manages our Chapter outreach and publications, including the WESTT website, social media sites, and our annual magazine publication, WESTERN REGIONAL Trenchless Review. Learn more about our magazine and view past issues HERE. Media Committee Chair –Greg Watanabe
  • Student Chapters. This committee helps establish and maintain support for the student chapters within our region: Arizona State University  and Cal Poly Pomona. The committee interacts with student chapters and the assigned faculty sponsors, identifies opportunities to increase student awareness and understanding of trenchless technologies, coordinates student participation/attendance at regional WESTT events, and works with NASTT on student events to help increase student access to industry events. Student Chapter Chair – Jacquie Jaques

Special Interest Areas

We recognize that there is an evolving role for trenchless technologies and in helping infrastructure managers to ensure system performance and reliability.
Municipalities interested in utilizing trenchless technologies as part of their rehabilitation programs can rely on WESTT to foster education, research and act as a catalyst for effective technological and process change.